OPCIONES DE ALQUILER DE SECTOR VIP (a partir de la 1:00 am.):

Teléfono contacto: 2051-5959 / 4781-7061 // Cel WhatsApp:155-183-0317

We are an international club with first class services including internacional stand the kitchen, our drinks, and excellent music.

A unique and exclusive where you can enjoy an international cuisine in an environment ready to deliver the best services. 

Our club will have four different bars where you will find gourmet drinks, drinks conventional international and champagne bottles. 

The wine list offers our high-end wineries are the result of a delicate selection by expert sommelier of Buenos Aires.

You will find different sectors, so you can feel comfortable wherever you like.
All our staff is ready to give you a different service.

The musical style of Opium Garden, offers from the most recognizable covers from the 80's to classic 90's to warm up, through all those issues that have marked an era and have been the kickoff for different musical styles of today .

Late at night you can enjoy the latest hits on the global stage, with high quality digital sound.

4781-7061 | 2051-5959 | mail/: opiumgardenclub@hotmail.com / reservascena@hotmail.com



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